Pre and Post-Natal Rehab

Are you pregnant?

  • Is your pelvis painful?Picture of abdominal cannister
  • Are you experiencing bladder frequency?
  • Would you like to avoid problems post-pregnancy?
  • Are you worried about a Tummy gap after delivery?
  • Do you know how to maintain good pelvic Floor function?

Have you recently had a baby?

  • Are you keen to get back into shape quickly?
  • Do you feel that your body is not recovering as you would like?
  • Are you worried about your sex life?
  • Have you a tummy gap?
  • Has your posture changed?
  • Do you have abdominal or pelvic pain?
  • Has your bladder and bowel control not yet returned to normal? 
  • Check out screening for The Mummy MOT here a must for all Mums post delivery

Supporting you before and after the birth...Back In Balance

Our passion is helping new mums regain their pre-pregnancy fitness and vitality.  At Simply Women's Health we encourage all women to seek our expert advice and specialised physiotherapy before and after their baby's delivery.We work closely with Post Natal Fitness experts including Burrell Education, Mu Tu Systems and Beez Knees.

  The French Connection....Back In Balance  Step 1 The Mummy Mot 

Maria Elliott saw exceptional results when she worked in France, where significantly more emphasis is placed on the benefits of exercise and physiotherapy pre and post-natally. On average twenty physiotherapy sessions are provided by the French national health service post-natally. We have based our programme and techniques on this very successful approach

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 Pre-Natal Support

We will help you adopt the correct posture, learn to control your pelvic floor muscles and manage your breathing before birth, so you enjoy an easier brith and improve your chance of a rapid recovery. 

Post-Natal Support

After delivery it is important to work on returning your body to health as soon as possible. More than 20% of women will end up with long term problems that need intensive work to correct, many others will have significant issues ranging from pain on intercourse, to a leaking bladder, weak tummy muscles and problems returning to weight before pregnancy. 

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